Monday, July 27, 2009

16 Week Belly Shot and Update

Well, I was officially 16 weeks as of yesterday! WooHoo!

I went to the Dr. today for my 4 month check-up. My cervix is nice, high and closed and I've gained 7 lbs. so far! She said I am right on track. :)

Baby A had a heartrate of 152 and Baby B had a heartrate of 150. It took awhile to get Baby B's because he/she was moving. :)

The funniest thing is that my belly is measuring equivalent to someone pregnant with just 1 baby at 24 weeks. :) I am going to be BIG by December. :)

Here is my belly pic:

Thanks for checking in and for the continued prayers!

T & A and the twins


Michaela said...

you look fantastic!!

Kara said...

Don't you love having a growing belly though? You look amazing. Thanks for all the updates!

Anonymous said...

Any new news?! I'd been checking on you for a while and am wondering about the silence...

Michaela said...

Hey there Tiff! I was just thinking about you and your little ones! I hope all is well and you are enjoying it all.

Anonymous said...

hi I just ran over your blog looking for normal HR for give me so much hope. i too have been down the road of infertility with 2 losses 1 surgery and a year and a half of infertility treatments (this time around). We found out today we are having twins too and are so happy but as you know so scared just the same. I am going to follow your page and everytime I get nervous.... your growing tummy (silly as it sounds) gives us hope. ;) Good Lucky to you guys and keep growing!! Melissa

Jem said...

When I saw the words "belly shot" I immediately thought of something involving tequila.

Silly me!

You do look fantastic!

Polly Gamwich said...

Just wondering how things are going ... hope everything is well.

Tiff and Adam said...

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry to have freaked everyone out but stopping blogging out of nowhere, but my blog was becoming a "pregnancy" blog and I had intended for it to be an infertility blog. Anyway, we had healthy twin boys born at 37 weeks on December 20th. They are the loves of our lives and we couldn't feel more blessed. Thanks for checking in!